Granada – a riot of color   Leave a comment

I do not normally take photographs of people, family and friends excepted, or buildings.  So I thought I would try something new and photograph some of the architectural diversity of the city.  Despite Granada’s interesting colonial past and the rich variety of historic subjects at which one can point a camera, the most striking thing for the casual observer is the color of the city.

Granada simply has to be one the most colorful cities on the planet.  Stand on any corner and look at along its length you will find every avenue and every street displaying a kaleidoscope of chaotic spectral hues, shades and tints that would put the palette of most colorists to shame.  In the spirit of individual freedom of artistic expression, no two neighbors paint their abode in anything approaching the same color.  I can only assume that the paint shops in Granada do a booming business in terms of supplying a city full of exterior decorators.  Garish flamboyant vivid rich hues, used by some with no apparent fear of color, outshine the more subtle shades used by others, who in similar towns around the world would be considered very avant-garde, are considered spectrally lacking in invention.

Anyway, with those thoughts in mind, here is a vibrant journey around the “conservative centre of Nicaragua”.


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