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river side farm

I was reading recently that there are about 25,000 – 40,000 deaths due to snake bites in India.

In our earlier farm in south Gujarat we did have constant close-encounters with various snakes. There were many non-poisonous ones & the famous trio of poisonous one’s also. But here in the last three years other than Rat snakes & once a Shield Tailed snake i have never seen anything.

A friend who has a farm much closer to Pune city has daily encounters with cobras etc. So one day we were talking about it & he had an interesting observation to make.

He asked: do you have any piece of land in your farm where no one has walked? 

I said: yes, we have a couple of areas like that roughly about 1/2 an acre

He said : then see to it that this 1/2 acre remains like that & it will…

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