Norway Pays USD 167M to Brazil to Stop Deforestation   Leave a comment

Arnfinn Oines

The Norwegian government pays USD 167 million to Brazil as payment for sharp reduction in deforestation in the Amazon in 2011.

The money put into the Amazon Fund, which funds projects to reduce deforestation further.

Norway promised Brazil in 2008 up to USD 1 billion by 2015 if the country gets stopped the extreme deforestation of the rainforest. The money is paid annually after the fixed reduction has taken place.

Overall, Norway has now paid USD 600 million to Brazil.

Soon reached the 2020 target
Brazil has done a very impressive job in 2011. Deforestation was 67 percent lower than the average for the years 1995 to 2005, which is the best result since Norway launched its rainforest initiative in 2007.

Brazil promised under the Copenhagen summit in 2009 to reduce deforestation in their part of the Amazon basin by 80 percent by 2020. After harsh political tugs of war, this has now…

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