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The Pterosaur Heresies

Yesterday we looked at two very different interpretations of the skull of Brouffia orientalis, neither of them mine. Today, here’s the post-crania in situ, part and counterpart (Fig. 1, click to enlarge it) presented by Brough and Brough (1967, one view flipped for comparisons).

Sorry we’re taking it so slow. Lots going on over here, including Christmas shopping. I’m also hoping someone out there will send a good photo of the specimen to put under DGS.

Brough and Brough (1967) published large tracings of tiny Brouffia (which they considered a specimen of Gephyrostegus). The lack of complete ossification in the pelvis and pectoral girdle argues for an immature status in this specimen. The presence of complete ossification in the carpus argues for a mature status. Was this a small adult? Or a well-ossified (but only in certain places) juvenile? Related forms, including Cephalerpetonand Casineriadid not have a coosified…

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