Snakes in the nest: the secret life of a blind snake   Leave a comment

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In our pitfall traps this month we were very excited to find a blind snake (Leptotyphlops species).  Blind snakes are unusual in many ways. Typically they burrow through the soil, only occasionally coming to the surface when tracking prey or when washed out by rain and are adapted for this lifestyle. In appearance they look very much like an earthworm, with a blunt head and tail and no distinct neck– a more effective shape for burrowing. At the end of their tail they possess a spine which assists in pushing through the soil and their eyes are reduced and covered by scales as they have little use for them in their dark environment.

Leptotyphlops have simple, toothless jaws and predate primarily on ant and termite larvae. Some species are known to specifically feed on army ants, and produce special secretions which prevent the ants from attacking. They are also…

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