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Felipe del Bosque Blog December 2nd 2013


Dry Times

This week has been consistently dry and sunny with only the slightest of rain falling at night.  If these conditions continue then it won’t be long before the trees start to flower.  We should then start to see an increase in particularly of insect numbers.  There is already the beginnings in cicada sound.  By January and February the sound will be deafening.

Not The Usual Suspect

While out on my weekly butterfly count last week I saw a small pale colored butterfly flitting slowly through the forest close to the ground.  I was pretty sure I knew what it was but there was something that was allowing a small amount of doubt to creep in.  The butterfly had settled on a leaf some distance away from the trail and amongst a tangle of vegetation the disturbance of which I am positive would have sent the creature to flight once more.  Fortunately I had a 300mm lens on the camera so I could get a shot of the butterfly for identification purposes.  Once I returned, download the image and cropped it to a reasonable size then my suspicions were confirmed.  The butterfly was Euptychia insolata and this was not a species I had recorded at Bosque before.


Not long before the above sighting I had just finished photographing another satyr, Cissia confusa.  Many of the butterflies found flying around the grounds of Bosque are very brightly colored to the point of garish.  You cannot fail to notice a host of different species of Longwing butterflies that can be seen flitting from flower to flower on the Lantana bush a short walk from the restaurant.  They produce a non-stop moving picture show of reds, oranges, yellows and black.  Flying along the forest paths are the spectacular and dazzling morphos.  Their brilliant iridescent blues flash in the gloomy understory of the forest like an azul strobe.


The satyrs on the other hand are much more subtle.  The soft pastel shades of brown, tan and muted oranges serve to render them indistinquable from the leaves on the forest floor.  My preference is for the warm browns rather than the hot reds.

Little Blue

There is a small herbaceous plant that grows around Bosque that, although it doesn’t attract as many butterflies as the Lantana, is still visited by a variety of species, namely the skippers.  This is the Porterweed, Staphytarpheta frantzii.  The small lavender blue flowers are borne on green spike.  It likes more open sunny areas in which to grow.


Philip is a biologist, writer and photographer at Bosque del Cabo Rainforest lodge on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Text and Photographs are taken from the forthcoming book:

The Natural History of Bosque del Cabo by Philip Davison

Temperature and Rainfall

Average Daily Rainfall 0.06 ins.  Total Weekly Rainfall 0.43 ins

Average Daily Rainfall 1.56 mm.  Total Weekly Rainfall 10.92 mm

Highest Daily Temp 93°F.  Lowest Daily Temp 74°F.

Highest Daily Temp 34.6°C.  Lowest Daily Temp 23.5°C.

Species List for the Week


  • Central American Squirrel Monkey
  • Mantled Howler Monkey
  • Spider Monkey
  • White-faced Capuchin Monkeys
  • Common Tent- making Bat
  • Common Opossum
  • Nine-banded Armadillo
  • Agouti
  • Alfaro’s Pygmy Squirrel
  • Red-tailed Squirrel
  • Kinkajou
  • Northern Raccoon
  • White-nosed Coati
  • Collared Peccary
  • White-lipped Peccary


  • Mealy Amazon
  • Orange-chinned Parakeet
  • Red-lored Amazon
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Crested Guan
  • Great Curassow
  • Crested Caracara
  • Laughing Falcon
  • Roadside Hawk
  • Yellow-headed Caracara
  • Golden-naped Woodpecker
  • Lineated Woodpecker
  • Pale-billed Woodpecker
  • Blue-crowned Motmot
  • Black-hooded Antshrike
  • Chestnut-backed Antbird
  • Grey-chested Dove
  • Short-billed Pigeon
  • Long-billed Hermit
  • Purple-crowned Fairy
  • Stripe-throated Hermit
  • Red-capped Manakin
  • Fiery-billed Aracari
  • Chestnut-mandibled Toucan
  • Wedge-billed Woodcreeper
  • Green Honeycreeper
  • Summer Tanager
  • Bright-rumped Atilla
  • Dusky-capped Flycatcher
  • Golden-crowned Spadebill
  • Great Kiskadee
  • Riverside Wren
  • Masked Tityra
  • Black-throated Trogon
  • Great Tinamou
  • Black Vulture
  • Turkey Vulture


  • Basilisk
  • Barred Ameiva
  • Cat-eyed Snake
  • Central American Smooth Gecko
  • Central American Whiptail
  • Clawless Gecko
  • Common Anolis
  • Four-lined Ameiva
  • Golfo Dulce Anolis
  • Litter Skink
  • Mediterranean House Gecko
  • Salmon-bellied Racer
  • Terciopelo


  • Banana Frog
  • Black and Green Poison Arrow Frog
  • Fitzinger’s Rain Frog
  • Golfo Dulce Poison Arrow Frog
  • Masked Smilisca
  • Marine Toad
  • Milky Frog
  • Red-eyed Green Tree Frog
  • Rough-skinned Dirt Frog
  • Savage’s Thin-fingered Frog
  • Stejneger’s Dirt Frog


  • Adelpha cytherea
  • Anartia fatima
  • Anartia jatrophae
  • Antirrhea philoctetes
  • Archaeoprepona demophon
  • Astraptes fulgerator
  • Chloreuptychia arnaca
  • Cithaeria pireta
  • Dryas iulia
  • Eueides aliphera
  • Eueides lybia
  • Glutophrissa drusilla
  • Heliconius erato
  • Heliconius hecale
  • Heliconius ismenius
  • Heliconius sapo
  • Heraclides cresphontes
  • Hermeuptychia hermes
  • Hypna clytemnestra
  • Junonia evarete
  • Laparus doris
  • Morpho helenor
  • Morpho menelaus
  • Nascus paullinieae
  • Opsiphanes tamarindi
  • Parides erithalion
  • Philaethria dido
  • Phoebis argante
  • Phoebis sennae
  • Pierella helvina
  • Pierella luna
  • Pyrgus oileus
  • Pyrisitia nise
  • Pyrrhogyra crameri
  • Siproeta stelenes
  • Taygetis andromeda


  • Anthurium salvinii Flowering and Fruiting
  • Alpinia purpurata Flowering
  • Allamandra cathartica Flowering
  • Apeiba tibourbou Flowering
  • Arachis pintoi Flowering
  • Arundina graminifolia Flowering
  • Attalea rostrata Fruiting
  • Bauhinia variegata Flowering
  • Brassovola nodosa Flowering
  • Brownea macrophylla Flowering
  • Brunfelsia grandiflora Flowering
  • Cascabella thevetia Flowering and Fruiting
  • Citrus spp Fruiting
  • Clusia rosea Flowering and Fruiting
  • Cocos nucifera Flowering and Fruiting
  • Costus osae Flowering
  • Costus speciosus Flowering
  • Couroupita guianensis Fruiting
  • Cresentia alata Flowering and Fruiting
  • Etlingera elatior Flowering
  • Ficus citrifolia Fruiting
  • Ficus insipida Fruiting
  • Hedychium coronarium Flowering
  • Heliconia chartacea Flowering
  • Heliconius clinophylla Flowering and Fruiting
  • Heliconia latispatha Flowering
  • Heliconia longiflora Flowering
  • Heliconia pogonantha Flowering
  • Heliconia psittacorum Flowering
  • Heliconia rostrata Flowering
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Flowering
  • Hymenaea coubaril Fruiting
  • Ixora coccinea Flowering
  • Lantana camara Flowering and Flowering
  • Morinda citrifolia Flowering and Fruiting
  • Musa acuminata Flowering and Fruiting
  • Pandanus sp Fruiting
  • Pleiostachya pruinosa Flowering
  • Plumeria rubra Flowering
  • Rhynchospora nervosa Flowering
  • Spondias mombin Flowering
  • Stachytarpheta sp Flowering
  • Thunbergia erecta Flowering
  • Thunbergia fragrans Flowering
  • Tocoyena pittieri Fruiting
  • Zingiber spectabile Flowering




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